Why Should You Enroll In An HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

Why Should You Enroll In An HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

Why Should You Enroll In An HVAC Maintenance Agreement?It can be a real pain when your heating and cooling system suddenly stops working in the height of the summer heat or the middle of a cold winter night. But it’s even more worrisome to find out that there is no one in town to help you get through the situation and bring back the comfortable atmosphere in your home.

This is a real nightmare, and you would not want to experience it ever again. That is why we recommend you be wise and sign up for our service agreement at RES Air Conditioning. Here is why:

Service Reminders

You never want a delayed maintenance service for your HVAC system. But with your busy schedule, we know that you no longer have the time to think about when your next maintenance schedule will be. No worries, the maintenance agreement will do it for you. It will notify you about your next tune-up schedule ahead of time.

Discounted Prices

Enroll in a maintenance agreement and enjoy great discounts on the services you need. As compared to walk-in clients, you will be offered markdowns on the parts, labor and repair services.

Complete Records

When you are enrolled in a maintenance agreement, every service done in your HVAC system- be it an inspection, cleaning or repair, is thoroughly documented. This is necessary if you want to keep your insurance intact.

Priority Service

You do not have to worry if your HVAC system malfunctions in the middle of the season. The maintenance agreement gives you a priority service benefit to save your comfort. Rest assured that there is an available technician to fix your issue fast and right.

Keeps Your Unit’s Efficiency

A service maintenance agreement assures you that your heating and cooling system is good as new. It keeps an eye on your maintenance schedule to ensure that your unit is always at its optimum performance. Keeping the efficiency of your unit is an important task to save you from high energy bills and compromised comfort.

When it comes to your HVAC system, what you see is not always what it is. Even if your unit looks fine on the outside, something inside might need immediate repair. A service maintenance agreement will save you from this chaos and gives you peace of mind throughout the year.

Want to know more about our service maintenance agreement? Talk to our experts at RES Air Conditioning today!