Shocking Furnace Facts and Furnace Safety Tips You Need to Know

Shocking Furnace Facts and Furnace Safety Tips You Need to Know

We consider furnaces as lifesavers during the coldest months of the year. But did you know that these devices can also bring health dangers and even death without proper care? Every homeowner in Henderson, TX should know that there is more to furnaces than just the usual heat provider. To improve the way you treat your unit, we have listed below some important facts and safety tips in ensuring your unit’s proper and safe operation:

Surprising Furnace Facts

  • The Danger Starts With Improper Installation

Know that proper installation is way more important than proper purchasing. Even the most expensive and efficient unit will never guarantee safe operation if installed incorrectly. Many homeowners who opt for DIY unit installation end up suffering from health issues due to gas leaks. Moreover, an improperly installed furnace will not give you optimum comfort and savings in its operation. You are even more likely to experience expensive repairs throughout its lifespan.

  • Gas Furnace Can Explode

Gas leak which is often due to poor maintenance or a malfunctioning furnace can lead to fire and explosion. If your unit is regularly checked, you will know if your heat exchanger is broken or if your unit is leaking combustion gases. With this, you can call a licensed HVAC specialist to provide the necessary solutions once and for all.

  • Furnaces Are the #1 Source of CO in Your Home

You do not have to worry about CO poisoning if you have a properly installed and maintained furnace unit. For those who do not, the early days of fall are the best time to have your unit checked and replaced if necessary. Carbon monoxide gas is a silent killer, and CO poisoning is the last thing that you would want to experience these cold months.

Furnace Safety Tips

  • Schedule a regular maintenance service with your trusted HVAC professionals to ensure your unit’s safe operation.
  • Install a CO Detector. This will be your first line of defense against CO poisoning. For existing devices, change batteries if necessary.
  • Keep Kids Away. The area of the furnace is not a good place for your child. Additionally, any item that your child may have left near the furnace can cause fire and explosion.
  • Maintain Clearing. It is recommended to have at least 3 ft. clearance around your furnace to prevent any item from getting too close to its hot surface. It will also make it easier for techs to service your unit.

You do not have to fret over the negative possibilities of having a furnace as long as you are giving your unit a dose of TLC. It all starts with maintenance service. If you have not scheduled one for this season, give RES Air Conditioning a call and set up an appointment today!