Problems Caused By Damaged Air Ducts

Problems Caused By Damaged Air Ducts

If it’s a forced air system that heats or cools your home, you definitely have to pay attention to your air ducts. Ductwork problems are hard to identify and they’re not the typical issues you can fix yourself. Here’s a rundown of what could happen when your air duct gets damaged.

Strange Noise

A hissing noise may sound like a minor disturbance but it’s an indication that your air duct is not properly sealed. This is also a sign of problem on other components of your HVAC system. This simple issue might cause complex damages if not given attention, so it makes sense to call your heating and cooling technician right away.

Poor Heating Or Cooling

Hot or cold spots in your home are bad signs. If it’s not the insulation that’s causing the uneven temperature in your place, it is probably your leaking air ducts. It can also disturb the heating and cooling control of your system. The breaks can cause heat to escape during winter and set in during the summer season leading to low performance quality of your system.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality

Poorly sealed air ducts disturb the good air quality in your home. This does not only allow for escape of cool air but also the entry of contaminants in your system which is then distributed in your house. Moisture can also get inside the system and may cause mold and bacterial growth. These can trigger allergy symptoms and other respiratory problems to your family.

Increased Consumption Bill

When you run your HVAC system at a usual rate yet you notice a sudden rise in your utility bill, the culprit is probably a compromised ductwork. With lowered pressure due to improperly sealed ducts plus dust and dirt all over your system, your unit will definitely drain itself to work causing your energy bill to rise.

You cannot restore damaged air ducts with commercial duct tapes and simple DIY fixes. This calls for heating and cooling professionals’ support to track down the leaks and provide necessary solutions for the problem. Call your trusted HVAC experts at RES Air Conditioning today.