HVAC Tips In Dealing With Extreme Cold

HVAC Tips In Dealing With Extreme Cold

HVAC Tips In Dealing With Extreme Cold

Winter is just a few weeks away but we are still experiencing bitterly cold temperatures in Henderson, TX. We want to help you get the most out of your comfort this winter. That is why we are giving you these helpful tips to get through the coldest time of the year safe and sound.

Install a clean air filter. One of the common causes why you are having problems in your heating unit is dirty air filters. When you are using your furnace constantly, dust and dirt can gather in the filters and block air flow. This puts too much stress on the system which can lead to overheating and system failure. Additionally, dirty air filters also contribute to poor indoor air quality which can trigger allergy symptoms and other health problems.

Dress warm. Putting on sweatshirts, jackets and socks can help you feel warmer. This way, you can set the thermostat at least two degrees higher to save energy. You can also use thick blankets to cover yourself until the weather warms up a bit. You can even drink a cup of hot chocolate or coffee for more warm comfort.

Clear exhaust vents. The exhaust vents on your furnace are prone to dirt build up. Check the vents regularly and if there is dust and debris accumulation that cause blockage, clear the area so that the by-products exit your home correctly and nothing will hinder the proper operation of your furnace.

Check registers and vents indoor. If there is furniture and appliances that are blocking the vents and registers, less and uneven warming can be felt inside the house. In most cases, vents are accidentally covered by mats and rugs, leading to cold rooms. Be extra mindful of this to prevent high energy bills and system failure.

Practice proper use of space heaters. Space heaters are best as supplementary heating devices but quite dangerous also. Be sure to place it nowhere near flammable materials and have it properly attended to prevent unnecessary incidents from taking place.

Schedule a regular system maintenance. Even if you feel like nothing is wrong with your unit, schedule a regular inspection and check up with a professional technician. A properly maintained heating unit is your ticket to a comfortable and worry-free winter journey.

If you need help with your heating systems, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at RES Air Conditioning.