Heat Pump Buying Guide

Heat Pump Buying Guide

Are you planning to invest in a heat pump? Don’t just cherry pick and buy. Here’s a buying guide to help you get the best heat pump for your home.

Heat pump is not just made for heating. It also operates for air conditioning and controlling humidity level inside your home. One good thing about heat pump is they don’t generate heat for your comfort but transfer it instead. It’s like having the same comfort as your air conditioners and furnaces provide but at lower costs.

What to consider before buying a heat pump?


There is greater saving for heat pumps when in the heating mode. However, when the climate goes below the balance point which typically ranges from 30 to 45 degrees F, you may need to provide supplementary heating for your home. Heat pumps are not great for extremely cold temperatures.

Energy Efficiency

Just like any other heating and cooling systems, heat pumps also carry an Energy Guide label which tells how efficient it is in both heating and cooling modes. Both the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) and the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) are used to measure heat pump’s efficiency. Higher rating of these two means more efficient heat pump operation throughout the seasons.


Make sure to purchase the right heat pump size for your home. too big is not always the right choice. Over-sized heat pumps are expensive and may break easily due to consistent cycling. Undersized units will not give you the right comfort that you need and can lead to high energy bill.

Key Features Of Ideal Heat pumps

Noise Output. Noise can be troublesome for any HVAC component. Choose heat pumps with sound rating with lower than 7.6 bels and place them in noise-absorbing base.

Demand-Defrost Control. The operation and efficiency of your heat pump can be affected by frost build-up. Demand-defrost control feature is available in some heat pumps which helps in reducing defrost cycles.

Reverse Cycle Chiller. This feature allows your heater to be paired with other HVAC devices. This advancement can help lower energy bills and make the home more comfortable.

For better purchase, be sure to consult your trusted heating and cooling company as to what type of heat pump fits your home. Call Res Air Conditioning and get the best suggestions for your HVAC needs.