Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your House Warm

Save Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning this Fall Season

Save Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning this Fall SeasonDo you know that keeping your home cozy and comfortable does not have to be expensive? Here are helpful strategies to stay warm without breaking your bank.

  • Seal drafts around doors and windows

Drafts and leaks are your comfort enemies in the cold months. These are prevalent around doors and windows, so before the temperature becomes ice-cold, be sure to seal the cracks in these areas. There are affordable weather stripping and caulks that you can use to fix drafts and keep heated air inside.

  • Seal the fireplace if not in use

An open fireplace can contribute to massive energy wastage. If you are not using it, be sure to cover the fire pit with a thick towel or large painting. You can also put a chimney plate or protector to cover the chimney so that heat will not move out of your home.

  • Layer up and use carpets

A carpet is helpful in the cold season. Studies show that if the feet are cold, the entire body feels the chill. Carpets keep your feet warm while adding insulation on the floor. You can also reduce your dependence on your heating system by wearing thick sweaters, doubled socks and hats. Layered clothes will give you enough warmth so you can lower the thermostat setting by a degree or two.

  • Do some workouts

Moving your muscles by doing some workouts can get you warmed up while keeping a healthy lifestyle. Even a simple cleaning task has a lot of repetitive movements in it. It will allow you to stretch and bend your body just like squeezing in a workout. This will keep you warm while saving costs on household cleaners.

  • Improve insulation

Your heating system is accountable for more than a quarter of your home’s energy usage. Poor insulation can double or triple the cost since your home allows the heated air to move out of your home. Be sure to check and improve your home’s insulation before the temperature drops.

  • Add extra warmth to your home

Instead of eating outside, cook dinner in your home then leave the oven or stove open to provide an additional heat. Similarly, open the door of the bathroom after having a hot bath so that heat can flow out into your home.

Are you looking for more inexpensive tips that can help you get through the cold season? We have a lot in store for you! Visit our page or talk to our professionals at RES Air Conditioning. You can count on us for dependable advice and recommendations when it comes to securing your comfort. Call us!