Don’t Let These 5 HVAC Mistakes Bother You This Fall

Don't Let These 5 HVAC Mistakes Bother You This Fall

Don't Let These 5 HVAC Mistakes Bother You This FallGetting ready for the fall season? Be sure to put your HVAC system on top of your fall preparation and maintenance checklist. There are common mistakes that homeowners do to their HVAC system which results in poor and expensive comfort when fall and winter arrives.

We do not want this to happen in your Henderson, TX home. That is why we’ve listed below five of the common HVAC mistakes and what you can do to prevent them from ruining your fall comfort and peace of mind.

  1. Ignoring Air Leaks

Air leakage is one of your HVAC system’s worst enemies. Sadly, many homeowners are not paying enough attention to this issue until they find out that they are paying too much on their monthly bill but feel less comfort inside. Keep your home airtight to prevent these circumstances. Even the smallest cracks and holes can allow hot air to escape and cost you money over time.

  1. Unit Operating With Dirty Filters

Air filters can get clogged after a long time of straining the air. Letting your HVAC system run with obstructed air filters is like putting your unit at risk of overheating and breakdown. Air filter replacement is an easy task and should be done regularly. You just need to slide the compartment out and replace the old filters. When purchasing a replacement, bring the old one to be sure about the size.

  1. Furniture Blocking The Vents

Make sure that no equipment is blocking the vents. Rugs, children’s toys, and other furniture might be unknowingly placed overtop of vents and prevent air flow. This will prevent heat from being distributed to the different parts of the room. The same thing happens when you close too many vents, so be extra careful.

  1. Dirty and Blocked Condenser Unit

Do not forget about the condensing unit which is equally as important as the indoor unit. Check if there are plants, twigs, and other stuff cluttered around the unit and remove them immediately. If not, the air flow will be obstructed, and the unit will not be able to do its job properly.

  1. Negligence of Maintenance Schedule

Regular HVAC maintenance will give you peace of mind in the cold season knowing that your unit is performing properly. However, many homeowners disregard this task to save money. Little do they know that doing so can lead to even greater expense.

Fall is the best time to prepare and get everything ready for the cold weather. And that includes the needed checks for your HVAC system. If you need professional help to prevent these mistakes from bothering your comfort this fall season, feel free to call us at RES Air Conditioning. We’ll work on it with the utmost care.