5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

5 Signs That You Should Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

You don’t have to wait for your AC to completely break down before you realize that replacement is just what you need. Take note of these 5 telltale signs and see if you must call a professional for AC replacement.

  1. Less Efficiency

Your air conditioning system slowly loses its efficiency due to constant use for a long period of time. This can be reflected on your energy bill. When you feel normal cooling in your home yet your energy bill continues to rise, something is wrong with the efficiency of your system. It’s best to have your AC replaced before finding yourself paying for wasted energy.

  1. Frequent Breakdown

When you’re having a regular schedule with your HVAC technician due to system breakdown, it is a good idea to have your AC replaced. Your system fails either because you’ve been using it for a long period of time or there are major issues in the components. Regular repairs can cost you more and can reduce your system’s efficiency, so better shop for a new one.

  1. No Cool Air

Another sign that you need to replace your AC unit is when you feel less cool air coming from it. When you run your AC all day at the full blast but you are not satisfied with the temperature of your home, a professional check is the best solution. There might be something wrong with your unit which calls for either a major repair or a quick replacement.

  1. Strange Noises

If your air conditioning unit is producing strange sounds which are not supposed to be there, something’s not right. Most of the time, gritting and grinding noises mean major problems which require you to replace your AC system.

  1. Costly Repairs

When your air conditioning system is always faced with expensive repairs, decide to have it replaced. Although replacement is a bit costly upfront, you’ll find more savings in the long run as compared to frequent costly repairs.

If your AC unit is showing these signs, call an HVAC specialist for a professional inspection. If your local contractor recommends AC replacement, ask for suggestion as to what fits your home.