5 New Developments in the HVAC World

5 New Developments in the HVAC World

Technological developments are taking the world by storm, and this innovation creates so much impact on the HVAC industry. Check out these interesting upgrades that can boost the comfort level and savings inside your home. Some may still be on the dashboard, but some are already available for you to use.

  1. Rising Green Techs

HVAC industries have agreed on the global phase-out of HFC, and with this, green technologies are becoming in demand. There are identified alternatives for HFCS and F-Gases that can be used for cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly operations of your HVAC systems. Hydrocarbons, for example, are up to 50% more energy efficient, giving homeowners more savings while reducing their home’s carbon footprints.

  1. Smarter HVAC

HVAC is no different with upgraded and smarter offices, cities and households. Smart HVAC systems offer greater energy efficiency, better monitoring, and allow intelligent temperature distribution and control. Some systems actually learn your schedule and control the temperature based on it.

  1. Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

This dual-fuel heat pump is an electric heat pump and gas furnace combined. This combination of fuel makes the device more efficient in providing comfort any time of the year. At low temperature, the heat pump uses gas heat then electricity takes over when the temperature hits 35 degrees and above. This heat pump can be costly at first, but the system will pay for itself over the next few years.

  1. Sensor-Enhanced Ventilation

This innovation uses sensors to monitor the temperature, air pressure and air quality inside your home. It uses sensor-driven vents which can be controlled using tablets and smartphones to provide a consistent amount of temperature in every area of the house.

  1. VRF Technology

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is among the advancements with greatest demands in the market. It operates quietly and can be used with both water and air. It allows for efficient systems that offer better control of the room temperature and reduced heat loss.

HVAC In The Future

A perfect HVAC system is impossible to attain, but with the developing technologies, we can always speculate about the future of the HVAC industry. Are you planning to upgrade your home and HVAC and want to learn about the high-tech systems in the market? Talk to our experts at RES Air Conditioning, and we’ll help you find just what you are looking for!