10 Cool Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Air Conditioning

10 Cool Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Air Conditioning

10 Cool Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Air Conditioning

Did you know that the oldest models of an air conditioning unit have transpired during the ancient days in Egypt, China, and Rome? If you think you already know everything about your air conditioning units, you are mistaken! There are other exciting ideas and facts that you have not encountered yet.

Learn more over-the-counter trivia about your A/C unit that surely will surprise you.

  1. The first time that A/C units were introduced, the measurement of the output settings was by the number of ice blocks it took to produce the cooling power. The term “Ice Power” is used to measure the units it creates.
  2. It was in 1939 when Packard, an American luxury car company invented the very first car with air conditioning amenity. Activating the air conditioning requires the driver to open the hood, stop the engine and detach the compressor belt from its place. Although the design did not go as planned, it worked to its designated purpose.
  3. Have you ever tried going to the theaters just to escape the heat? You might be shocked to know that people in 1917 did just that! Back then, theater owners would run their “state-of-the-art” air conditioning systems to fill in all seats as part of their marketing strategy. It was pretty enticing at that time.
  4. You will not believe it but some cooling machines in 1891 turned a restaurant and beer hall into a literal “Ice Palace”. Air conditioning systems at that time were subjected to lots of changes and improvements.
  5. In 1913, Charles Gates also known as the “Spend-a-Million” built the first fully air-conditioned house in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, he died even before he gets the taste of cool air.
  6. Air conditioners have saved lives. Based on research and studies, the number of death cases because of the hot weather has reduced by 80% after the invention of A/C units.
  7. The first president to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning was Herbet Hoover. The system was installed in his office where he spent almost $30,000 for the installation.
  8. In 1940, buying a typical A/C unit would cost you about $350.
  9. Air conditioners are a great reliever for asthma based on several studies.
  10. The 1st air conditioner was designed for a publishing company. Willie Carrier decided to use the unit to expand the paper and keep the ink from running throughout summer.

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