• Why Is Correct and Timely Furnace Maintenance Important?

    No matter what brand of furnace system you have at home, there is a note you will find in all manufacturer’s manual that will secure the longevity and efficiency of the device. Though they are differently worded, the point is the same: regular maintenance services should be provided without delay. Do you know why furnace maintenance is so important? We give you these four reasons: Furnace maintenance ensures that your unit is working properly. The last thing that you would want to experience in the cold months is a malfunctioning furnace. Luckily, you can prevent it with a furnace maintenance service. Expert technicians will diagnos... Read More

  • Shocking Furnace Facts and Furnace Safety Tips You Need to Know

    We consider furnaces as lifesavers during the coldest months of the year. But did you know that these devices can also bring health dangers and even death without proper care? Every homeowner in Henderson, TX should know that there is more to furnaces than just the usual heat provider. To improve the way you treat your unit, we have listed below some important facts and safety tips in ensuring your unit’s proper and safe operation: Surprising Furnace Facts The Danger Starts With Improper Installation Know that proper installation is way more important than proper purchasing. Even the most expensive and efficient unit will never ... Read More

  • Why Should You Install a Home Humidifier in the Fall Season?

    There is more to your home’s comfort that you should be worried about besides keeping warm and cozy when the temperature drops. You also need to consider the level of humidity inside. That’s why our professionals at RES Air Conditioning recommend you install a home humidifier to keep moisture at the right level during the long cold days. Do you need a humidifier in the fall? Yes, you do! Check out these benefits that you can get from it: Replenishes the Air It is a sad fact that heaters and furnaces can dry the air inside your home, but you cannot live without them this time of the year. By installing a humidifier, you do not h... Read More

  • Easy and Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your House Warm

    Do you know that keeping your home cozy and comfortable does not have to be expensive? Here are helpful strategies to stay warm without breaking your bank. Seal drafts around doors and windows Drafts and leaks are your comfort enemies in the cold months. These are prevalent around doors and windows, so before the temperature becomes ice-cold, be sure to seal the cracks in these areas. There are affordable weather stripping and caulks that you can use to fix drafts and keep heated air inside. Seal the fireplace if not in use An open fireplace can contribute to massive energy wastage. If you are not using it, be sure to cover th... Read More