• Why Use Geothermal Cooling System This Summer?

    Did you know that there is an effective way to feel comfortable this summer using the Earth’s latent thermal energy? That is made possible with a geothermal cooling system. Trust us, this type of cooling unit is the answer to your comfort needs. Need more encouragement? Here’s why you should invest in a geothermal unit. Save You Good Amount of Energy Two thumbs up for geothermal cooling system when it comes to energy saving. These systems can generally reduce energy cost by up to 70%. As a result, homeowners can recover the cost spent on geothermal installation in as quick as five years. Efficient Energy Consumption Ac... Read More

  • Don’t Set Your Air Conditioner Thermostat Like This

    While some homeowners are literally freaking out because of high energy bills, you can save some bucks on your monthly bill with the right thermostat setting. To get greater savings, you should know which setting on your thermostat to use for energy efficiency. The important question is: which thermostat setting will save you the biggest bucks? In this article, you will learn the best way to set your thermostat. Two thermostat fan settings Your A/C thermostat has two fan settings namely AUTO and ON. So, which of these settings should you pick for your home? ·         ON What happens when you set your thermostat to “ON?” If... Read More

  • The Different Types of Cooling Compressors

    Just like how the human body needs the heart to pump blood to its parts, a mechanical cooling system also needs the compressor to supply gaseous refrigerant from the evaporator to the condenser to produce an appropriate temperature. A compressor serves as the heart of all mechanically-driven cooling equipment which consists of 2 major components: the compressing mechanism and the power source. Each plays a unique role in the overall cooling process. 5 Types of Compressor and Their Uses Reciprocating Compressor Also called the single-acting piston compressor, a reciprocating compressor moves back and forth like the movement of... Read More

  • 3 Financial Benefits of Summer Home Energy Audits in North Texas

    Did you know that your comfort is closely related to your home’s energy efficiency? According to a Pro Energy Consultant, solving problems on your home’s comfort and high energy bills starts with a comprehensive home energy audit. To learn about how energy efficient your home is, you need a reliable energy audit service. Get to know the financial benefits of an energy audit for your home this summer. Saves Dollars on Utility Bills Many homeowners in North Texas do not realize that some of the problems they encounter at home have something to do with their energy consumption. During an energy audit, your house is analyzed r... Read More

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