• How You Can Benefit from an Energy Savings Agreement

    Everything in your home is an investment including your HVAC system. And surely, you want to keep it running smoothly while taking your savings to the next level. If you are one of the homeowners in the Marshall - Henderson, TX who haven’t registered to an energy savings agreement yet, we bet you would want to do it now. Want to know how it can help you get greater savings and comfort at home? Here’s what you should know! What You Get from an Energy Savings Agreement If you are looking to invest in an insured maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system, an energy savings agreement is the key. ESA provides a wide range of... Read More

  • The Benefits of an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator)

    For most homeowners, ventilation is an increasingly vital factor for overall comfort and indoor air quality at home. Thus, you need a ventilation strategy or device to manage your indoor ventilation issues effectively. A study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) says that energy recovery ventilators can save an average of $20 per year. Check out three amazing benefits of ERV in your residential area in Marshall, Henderson TX. Enhanced Indoor Air Quality ERV is a mechanical ventilation device designed for retrieving lost energy when ventilating a house. Today, the majority of modern homes are pretty airtigh... Read More

  • 10 Cool Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Air Conditioning

    Did you know that the oldest models of an air conditioning unit have transpired during the ancient days in Egypt, China, and Rome? If you think you already know everything about your air conditioning units, you are mistaken! There are other exciting ideas and facts that you have not encountered yet. Learn more over-the-counter trivia about your A/C unit that surely will surprise you. The first time that A/C units were introduced, the measurement of the output settings was by the number of ice blocks it took to produce the cooling power. The term “Ice Power” is used to measure the units it creates. It was in 1939 when Packar... Read More

  • Operating Noise Levels of Air Conditioners: What Level Should Be Comfortable for You?

    The noise coming from your air conditioner is unavoidable but can be managed using different materials such as rubber and insulator. The loudness of the noise that your unit emits has something to do with the equipment’s design and specifications. Where Does the Noise Come From? Most air conditioners emit noise from the two common sources: evaporator (located inside the house) and condenser (located outside the house). A typical condenser comprises of the coil, fan, compressor and expansion valve. As these parts wear off, the sound pressure increases through time. Among these, the compressor produces the highest level of noise due... Read More

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